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Five Things You Can Share Right Now! We often think about the Sharing Economy in terms of sharing accomodation or rides and cars, but with over 7000 businesses and counting, the Sharing Economy is so much more. more

April 13, 2015


OuiShare Fest 2015 1000 collaborative economy visionaries, coming together for three days of conference, co-creating and connecting. more

May 20, 2015

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HouseTrip is one of the largest holiday rental websites in the world. An ideal alternative to hotels, a HouseTrip stay means authenticity, privacy, value for money and flexibility.

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London, UK - Cambridge, UK
Ride share £6.00
28 minutes ago
Bolton, UK - London, UK
Ride share not available
39 minutes ago
Montrose, UK - Aberdeen, UK
Ride share not available
1 hour ago
London, UK - Bristol, UK
Ride share £9.00
1 hour ago

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