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Compare and Share was born out of a passion to have the experience of a lifetime without it costing the earth (literally) because the Sharing Economy is a way to help the planet, make friends and have an unforgettable experience!

"I was trying to book a family holiday in Morocco - when we travel as a family we're quite adventurous, we like to share, meet real people and have those amazing money can't buy experiences. 
Morocco Essaouira holiday
I spent hours searching through site after site and not finding the unique holiday experience I wanted at a price I could afford. I wanted to go to one single site and that was my lightbulb moment
- a comparison site for the Sharing Economy. I wanted to be able to car share at my destination, find sites where I could experience the holiday through the eyes of a local, to contribute to the local economy (I care) and of course to discover hidden vintage markets and cool collectibles. 
Last summer, once Compare and Share had launched accommodation - my dream holiday in Morocco became a reality. We stayed in a gorgeous beach house near Essaouira. The highlight was being invited to a rural village wedding and my daughter and I dancing barefoot at 2am on floor drums with a room full of brightly clad Berber women and girls celebrating - a priceless experience! 
That's why Compare and Share exists - to offer those unforgettable sharing experiences to everyone - and of course, making sure I can easily book my adventure holiday too!"
-- Benita Matofska, Chief Sharer, Compare and Share

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Our Purpose


We’re here to open up the Sharing Economy for everyone and make sharing easy, quick and approachable.

Sharing is better for our communities because it promotes smart access to goods and services, it’s better for people because it connects and builds relationships, and it’s better for our pockets because it helps us save and make money.

Sharing, it’s just a better deal for everyone.

Our Vision


Our vision is to open up the Sharing Economy like eBay opened up the second-hand goods market. Everyone should get their hands on their share of the £3.5 trillion worth of spare goods in the world, and we’re here to make sure that’s exactly what happens.

Our Founders

Benita Matofska
Benita Matofska
Nick Tong
Nick Tong

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