Crowdcube Campaign Now Live!

28 January 2015

Hello Sharers!

Today is a very big day for us here at Compare and Share, and we’d definitely like you to be part of it!  We’re taking the first step in our growth plans to turn Compare and Share into the go-to global brand of the Sharing Economy, delivering on our vision to open up the Sharing Economy just as eBay opened up the second-hand goods market… and we need your help to do just that!

Our Crowdcube campaign is now live, and this is a great opportunity for you to buy into Compare and Share and be an active player in the Sharing Economy!

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By: Daniel de Filippis

Upcoming Events... and more!

16 January 2015

Hello Sharers!

Just a quick post to give you a head’s up on some upcoming events we’ll be participating in, as well as a couple of articles on the Sharing Economy featuring your favourite one-stop-shop - ie. Compare and Share!

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By: Daniel de Filippis

Saving with the Sharing Economy: European Capitals

12 January 2015

The Holiday Season is over and a New Year is upon us, so why not get out of town for weekend or so to ease back into the thick of things?  

We thought we’d contribute to this effort by shedding some light on Sharing Economy accommodation prices compared to traditional hotels. Why pay more when you can get great deals on your stay across Europe with the Sharing Economy? No reason! Let us help you save, so there’s more to spend on gifts for friends and family. Or you could pay the same, but indulge in a significantly better place to stay, the choice is entirely yours!

Featured here are: Berlin, London, Rome, Madrid, Paris

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By: Daniel de Filippis

The Sharing Economy in Review 2014

2014 was a big year for the Sharing Economy - and for us at Compare and Share! Here are the top six highlights according to us. Will 2015 be a an even BIGGER year for the Sharing Economy?

We definitely think so.

By: Daniel de Filippis

and the 2014 Award for Social Good goes to...

04 December 2014

Compare and Share! 
Last week we asked for your help in winning the 2014 Elevator Pitch series, and although The People’s Choice award went to Karisma Kidz - good job guys! - we are more than thrilled to have picked up the awards closest to our sharing hearts: the Elevator Pitch series Award for Social Good!

If you’re curious about the other winners for the infamous Elevator Pitches series were in 2014, just follow this link! And if you’d like to see Benita Matofska, Chief Sharer Compare and Share, deliver our winning pitch… then here it is!

Thank you Sharers for all  your support, you’re the best!

By: Compare and Share

Elevator Pitch: The Public Votes!

27 November 2014

In the summer, Compare and Share was one of the 12 Elevator Pitch Series winners. Now, the public is being asked to vote for their absolutely favourite startup from 2014.

Will you help us win? As the guys at the Elevator Pitch Series say "your life depends on it." (Not really, but we would be extremely delighted if you voted for us!)

By: Compare and Share

The Sharing Economy: Disrupting the Disruptors... Can the Sharers Share?

11 November 2014

Compare & Share will be hosting a live mic session, The Sharing Economy: Disrupting the Disruptors… Can the Sharers Share? at the Disruption Innovation Festival on Friday November 7, from 11:30am to 12:30pm. Read on to find out how to be a disruptor with us!

By: Compare and Share

BlackBox Connect: Our Final Week!

17 October 2014

Compare and Share founders Benita Matofska and Nick Tong are on their way back from Silicon Valley now that  is over, so let’s hear from Benita how the final week went, shall we?

By: Compare and Share

Calling all Sharers! The Share:Summit is here!

22 October 2014

Is there a better way to end the week than with a boatload of Sharing? 

Of course not! 

We’re very excited about the Share:Summit happening on Friday, 28 November 2014 from 13:30 to 18:30 so join us and over 200 of your peers to learn from the Trouble Makers & Innovators from all sectors of the #SharingEconomy for an evening of lively debates and networking!

By: Compare and Share

BlackBox Connect: Our first week!

08 October 2014

Compare and Share founders Benita Matofska and Nick Tong have been at BlackBox Connect in San Francisco for a week now. So what have they been up to? Let’s hear it from Benita herself.

By: Compare and Share

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