Did you know that The Sharing Economy is growing faster than Facebook, Google and Yahoo combined?

20 March 2015

On Tuesday March 17, Compare and Share revealed its What we know about the Global Sharing Economy report at the FT Sharing Economy European Summit. It is estimated that the combined value of the Sharing Economy rose to $15 billion in just 7 years, compared to the combined growth of Facebook, Google and Yahoo of $11 billion.

Here are some of the major findings of the report. If you’d like to read the whole thing, you’ll find a download link at the bottom of this page!

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By: Daniel de Filippis

4 Sharing Economy Trends in 2015

09 March 2015

It's fair to say that in 2014, sharing economy solutions boomed all over the world. Despite numerous controversies making numerous headlines last year (think Uber), or some critical voices joining the debate on sharing economy, the idea has caught on and will continue unabated into the next year. What's in store for people involved in sharing economy in the near future? Here's a brief overview of the most important trends for 2015.

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By: Isabel Wiliams

Who Shares Wins: 5 More Reasons to Share!

25 February 2015

It’s no secret to anyone that at Compare and Share we’re big fans of Sharing, but when we say “Who Shares Wins!” we really mean it! Here are our 5 reasons to share, what are yours?


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By: Daniel de Filippis

Share the Weekend: Roma

09 December 2014

It’s September and most of the Roman Summer Festivals are over by now, but you can definitely still experience all the sites, and if you’re stopping for a more than a couple of days you can head-out beachside with an excuse to visit the Roman ruins at Ostia Antica and grab a sun-drenched lunch by the sea. The web is full of tourist guides as to what to see, so we won’t linger on that and instead give you a couple of hints on how the Sharing Economy can help you make the most out of the Roma.

By: Daniel de Filippis

Share the Love, Win a Stay

14 February 2015

In the spirit of love and sharing - and sharing love! - we’re excited to announce our very first Members' Raffle! Beginning today and until March 21st 2015 all existing and new members signing up to Compare and Share will automatically participate in our Share the Love raffle to win a weekend stay in one of three very romantic getaway cities: Venice, New York or Paris!

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By: Daniel de Filippis

Generation Share: Have you met Alex?

The Sharing Economy is growing by leaps and bounds, but who is driving it? Who are the people that are making the Sharing Economy happen and fuelling its fire? We like to call them Generation Share and they’re Smart, Savvy and oh so very Social.

Let’s meet one of them!

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By: Daniel de Filippis

Crowdcube Campaign Now Live!

28 January 2015

Hello Sharers!

Today is a very big day for us here at Compare and Share, and we’d definitely like you to be part of it!  We’re taking the first step in our growth plans to turn Compare and Share into the go-to global brand of the Sharing Economy, delivering on our vision to open up the Sharing Economy just as eBay opened up the second-hand goods market… and we need your help to do just that!

Our Crowdcube campaign is now live, and this is a great opportunity for you to buy into Compare and Share and be an active player in the Sharing Economy!

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By: Daniel de Filippis

How to be Safe in the Sharing Economy

During the last few years, the sharing economy has been on the rise – today, it's estimated to have cumulatively raised over $8 billion in funding. One of the key issues the sharing economy will face in 2015 is safety. Even if trust and safety are at the very core of ventures that participate in the sharing economy models, both users and providers often face loose regulations and security measures. Here are some tips on how to stay safe when using services in the sharing economy.

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Upcoming Events... and more!

16 January 2015

Hello Sharers!

Just a quick post to give you a head’s up on some upcoming events we’ll be participating in, as well as a couple of articles on the Sharing Economy featuring your favourite one-stop-shop - ie. Compare and Share!

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By: Daniel de Filippis

Saving with the Sharing Economy: European Capitals

12 January 2015

The Holiday Season is over and a New Year is upon us, so why not get out of town for weekend or so to ease back into the thick of things?  

We thought we’d contribute to this effort by shedding some light on Sharing Economy accommodation prices compared to traditional hotels. Why pay more when you can get great deals on your stay across Europe with the Sharing Economy? No reason! Let us help you save, so there’s more to spend on gifts for friends and family. Or you could pay the same, but indulge in a significantly better place to stay, the choice is entirely yours!

Featured here are: Berlin, London, Rome, Madrid, Paris

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By: Daniel de Filippis

There are over 7,500 Sharing Economy businesses in the world and growing.