The People Who Share

The People Who Share is an exciting movement that is making sharing mainstream. They're on a mission to build a Sharing Economy and they love to help you discover that sharing is... fun, affordable, easy, accessible, mobile and of course social. They bring it all together on-line, on land and on-the-go.

The People Who Share also run big campaigns such as Global Sharing Day previously called National Sharing Day and reach over 60million in 192 countries.

They're building a Sharing Economy one click at a time, you can start sharing here at the world’s first one-stop comparison marketplace of the Sharing Economy.

They also want to encourage conversations between people who share to find a way to enjoy more and live better. 

Want to know more about the Sharing Economy? You can find it all on there TV channel -- Sharing Economy TV. You can listen to their podcasts or read their blog.